Wednesday, 28 November 2012


Long Distance Love

My friends ask me, how it felt when I am having a long distance love.
 And I said I was ok, because long distance relationship will work if two people involve have a strong faith, love, trust and respect for each other. 
And I believe that I am strong enough to facing this problem. 
I even had a strong faith to keep waiting for him,
 and I believe in his faith and promise. 

Missing someone hurt me so badly.
 I need him, I want him and I wish he was here when I need him.
 Sometime I felt so tired of waiting but there are voices tell me I should carry on. I hold onto your promises, that what make my faith grow fonder.
 So the moral value is the distance doesn’t matter if you really love that person, what the matter is your honesty and trusty for relationship to work out.

p/s  may god give me faith and bless our relationship. 

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Secret Admirer

secret admirer is someone who feels strongly about someone else, as the first person says loves, and sends them items like notes and candy saying i really like you, signed anonymously so the person doesn't figure it out, and that's why they call it secret!

 Dalam hidup ni, mestilah kita pernah meyukai dan disukai kan..setiap orang pasti ada cerita tentang “ secret admire”  kalau tadak mesti orang ni ABNORMAL.. kalau xda orang admire kita, mungkin kita yang admire seseorang.. seronak bila ada orang admire kita atau kita yang admire seseorang.. perkara ni selalunya jadi kt sekolah lah.. tp kt IPT  pun ada jugak.. tadak tipulah.. perasaan bila kita menyukai seseorang secara diam2 ny mmg sgt indah.. best sgt bila setiap kali kita terserempak dgn org tu jantung kita berdegup kencang.. kita kalo boleh nk rahsiakan dari kwn2 jgk kan, tkot kwn2 spoil mood ja..ada kata pepatah menyatakan bahawa “ lebih baik menyukai seseorang itu dalam diam daripada memiliki”.. tp kita kalau suka mst nk memiliki.. kan... insyaallah kalo ada jodoh mst boleh memiliki.. aku ada pengalaman tu aku admire seseorang tu dan pada masa yg sama dia pun admire aku..THIS IS THE BEST THING IN MY WHOLE LIFE.. tp tataw sampai bila berkekalan.. harap hingga akhir hayat.. may Allah bless our relationships.. Amin.. 

 p/s ily

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Why Do We Sleep??

All human beings – old, young, sick, healthy – need sleep.  Thus, everyone should have an interest in this natural phenomenon.  However, most people never question what sleep is and why they must get it.  At the ripe age of 18 years, I thought it was high time I understand why I am always craving sleep and why I feel noticeably better when I get a certain amount of it.  This paper will explore what goes on in our bodies when we’re in this ambiguous state called “sleep”, why it is necessary to function, and how much we should be getting. Scientists have yet to determine exactly why people sleep. However, they do know that humans must sleep and, in fact, people can survive longer without food than without sleep. And people are not alone in this need – all mammals, reptiles and birds sleep. Scientists have proposed the following theories on why humans require sleep:

  Sleep may be a way of recharging the brain. The brain has a chance to shut down and repair neurons and to exercise important neuronal connections that might otherwise deteriorate due to lack of activity.

Sleep gives the brain an opportunity to reorganize data to help find a solution to problem, process newly learned information and organize and archive memories.

Sleep lowers a person’s metabolic rate and energy consumption.

The cardiovascular system also gets a break during sleep. Researchers have found that people with normal or high blood pressure experience a 20 to 30% reduction in blood pressure and 10 to 20% reduction in heart rate.

During sleep, the body has a chance to replace chemicals and repair muscles, other tissues and aging or dead cells.

When a person falls asleep and wakes up is largely determined by his or her circadian rhythm, a day-night cycle of about 24 hours. Circadian rhythms greatly influence the timing, amount and quality of sleep.

           In children and young adults, growth hormones are released during deep sleep.

For many small mammals such as cat, sleep has other particular benefits, as it provides the only real opportunity for physical rest, and confines the animal to the thermal insulation of a nest. In these respects sleep conserves much energy in such mammals, particularly as sleep can also develop into a torpor, whereby metabolic rate drops significantly for a few hours during the sleep period. On the other hand, humans can usually rest and relax quite adequately during wakefulness, and there is only a modest further energy saving to be gained by sleeping. We do not enter torpor, and the fall in metabolic rate for a human adult sleeping rather lying resting but awake, is only about 5-10%.